If you are a cisgender boy/man who is friends with a girl/woman, there is a high likelihood that you will tarnish that friendship.  

Not her.  She may treat you like a true friend, seeing you as an equal, an individual.  You may believe she is your friend because…look how she treats you!  But it is possible that you fail to be a real friend to her.  

Do you try to put down or belittle women in her presence?  Do you try to make women the butt of your jokes?  Do you try to make jokes about the struggles that many women face or in any way try to minimize those struggles?  Do you try to perpetuate unequal standards of behavior for men and women? 

And if she tries to tell you that you are wrong, false, cruel, disrespectful…do you listen to her?  Do you apologize?  Do you make immediate efforts to change your behavior?  Or do you deflect?  Do you attempt to rationalize your behavior?  

She is not being “too sensitive”.  You are being ignorant and cruel, and she is respecting herself.  She is recognizing that she has been a friend to you, possibly more and longer than she needed to, and yet you do not to have a grasp of what it means to be a friend.  And you’d better listen, to learn.


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