Equality precedes kindness

On many occasions, I have engaged in conversation with someone or witnessed an interaction among people which leaves me absolutely furious.

I’ve spend my life trying to do what’s best for everyone and to make everyone around me happy.  It hurts me to know that sometimes that’s not what’s immediately important.

Because sometimes, the most important thing is to be angry.  

As long as there is inequality in the world among humans, we must be angry.  We must reach out and express that we know this isn’t right, and we mustn’t shame ourselves or anyone else for being angry.  We mustn’t allow anger to be used as an excuse to ignore someone’s cry for equality.  However angry their cry, they are doing a kindness for the world.  

In these moments, when inequality fills us with anger, equality precedes kindness.  I mean two things by this – that those who cry for equality are being kind to the world, including themselves and every other human being, by doing so – and that those who defend inequality are doing an ultimate unkindness.  

When inequality occurs, no one who is treated as a lesser human being is under any obligation to behave with “decorum”.  Being angry at a person who defends inequality may be a momentary discomfort to them, but that doesn’t mean it’s not kind.  Sometimes people who treat others as their inferiors need to be made uncomfortable, made to doubt, before they can embrace the joy of treating everyone as an equal. Sometimes people who are treated as inferiors need to love themselves enough to embrace their anger, and to know that their anger is good and kind.


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